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CN Textile & Apparel

GB 18401、GB 31701、GB 20400…


Applicable Age

standard Name

Mandatory Standard

For All Ages

GB 18401 General safety technical specification for national textile products

GB 21550 PVC Artificial leather limit of harmful substances

GB 20400 Leather and fur hazardous substances limited

GB 18383 General technical requirements for fibre products for batting, etc

Infant and Child

GB 31701 Technical specification for safety of textile products for infants and children

Recommended standards

All ages

GB/T 5296.4 Consumer goods - instructions for use - part 4: textiles and apparel

GB/T 29862 Identification of fibre content of textiles

GB/T 21295 Technical requirements for physical and chemical properties

GB/T 22853 Knitted sportswear

GB/T 26385 Knitting patchwork clothing

GB/T 14272 Down garment

GB/T 22843 Pillow and cushion products

FZ/T 73043 Knit shirt

FZ/T 73005 Low wool blend and wool-like knitwear

FZ/T 73020 Knitted casual clothing

FZ/T 73018 Wool knitwear

FZ/T 73012Brassiere

FZ/T 81012 Scarf and shawl

FZ/T 73002 knit cap

QB/T 1615 Leather garment

Infant (36 Month and below)

GB/T 33271 Woven garments for infants

GB/T 33734Woven bedding for infants

FZ/T 81014 Infants garments

FZ/T 73025 Knitted garment and adornment for infant


GB/T 31900 Woven children's clothing 

GB/T 31888 School uniform

GB/T 23328 Woven school clothes

GB/T 22854 Knitted school clothes

FZ/T 73045 Knitted children's clothing

Child and Adult

GB/T 2660 Shirts

GB/T 2662 Cotton clothing

GB/T 22700 Washed garments

GB/T 2665 Women's suits and coats

GB/T 2664 Men's suit and coat

GB/T 2666 Trousers

GB/T 22849 Knitted T-shirts

GB/T 8878 Cotton knitted underwear

GB/T 32614 Outdoor sportswear- Water resistance garment

GB/T 21980 General technical specification for professional sportswear and protective equipment

          FZ/T 74005Knitted yoga garment

FZ/T 73017 Knitted homewear

FZ/T 81006 Jeanswear

FZ/T 73032Knitted jeanswear

FZ/T 81007 Casual wear

FZ/T 73001 Socks



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