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Introduction to ISTA

Introduction, Qualification, Certified procedures…

ISTA Test Procedure and Projects

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is a global alliance of shippers, carriers, suppliers, testing laboratories and educational and research institutions focused on developing effective packaging testing methods to improve product transport packaging safety performance. It helps its members controls costs, damage and resources during the distribution of packaged-products. It has created and published a series of test standards, procedures and projects as a unified basis for evaluating the safety of shipping packages.


ISTA procedures will provide tangible benefits of: 

  • Reduce risks in the transportation environment and increase confidence in product launch
  • Reduction in damage and product loss
  • Reduce and eliminate claims disputes 
  • Customer satisfaction contributing to increased market share 


The ISTA Certified Qualification of GST


The ISTA Certified test procedures of GST

  • 1 Series:1A、1B、1C、1D、1E、1G、1H
  • 2 Series:2A、2B、2C
  • 3 Series:3A、3B、3E、3F、3K
  • 4 Series:4AB
  • 6 Series:6-AMAZON.COM-Over Boxing

6-AMAZON.COM-SIOC: Type A、Type B、Type C、Type D、Type E、Type F、Type G、Type H

6-FedEx Express: A、B


  • 7 Series:7D
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